Casino Rio



Electronic roulette

The game is automatic without the presence of croupiers. The most distinctive element of the roulette is the wheel with 37 numbers from 0 to 36. Fields are coloured in red and black, except the field with zero (0), which is coloured green.



On the poker gaming machines the player gets five cards and he decides which of them he will keep. By anew dealing the gaming machine changes the cards that the player did not keep.


Reel & Video reel

The games on these machines use three or more spinning reels with different symbols. The point of the game is to gain the combination of symbols on one respectively multiple lines.

EZ Pay system

EZ Pay system is a system that enables a faster no-chip business. The prizes are paid out in slips and the payments on the gaming machines are simplified. Gaming machines that enable that kind of payment and paying out are marked with “EZ Pay”.