Casino Rio

The rules of conduct / House order

  1. The entrance to the Gambling saloon premises is allowed to any persons of at least 18 years of age or over.
  2. At the entrance into the gambling saloon the visitor has to show a valid personal document respectively a Loyalty card.
  3. At first entrance the guest is photographed.
  4. The acquired data will be protected in accordance with Personal data protection act.
  5. In the Gambling saloon audio-video surveillance is performed.
  6. The entrance ticket that the visitor receives at the entrance is not transferable; Personal data are stated on it.
  7. The entrance ticket is valid for the current day and is valid for multiple entrances to the Gambling saloon premises.
  8. The visitor has to keep the entrance ticket for the whole duration of visit in the Gambling saloon, and he has to show it on servants demand.
  9. The visitor has to consider the instructions of the personnel, and must show the personal document on their demand.
  10. The management of the company has the possibility to limit respectively prohibit the guest to enter the Gambling saloon without obligation of explanation of their decision.
  11. Possible disputes and obscurities in the Gambling saloon are solved by an internal supervisor; His decisions are final and can not be complained against.
  12. Entry of weapon, larger bags, travelling bags and recording devices into the Gambling saloon is not allowed.
  13. The use of wardrobe is obligatory.
  14. Telephoning in the Gambling saloon is not desired.
  15. Photographing in the Gambling saloon is not allowed.
  16. Intoxicated persons are not allowed to enter the Gambling saloon.
  17. Business currency of the Gambling saloon is EURO.
  18. The management of the company does not grant any loans to the players.
  19. When entering the visitor is obliged to get acquainted with the rules of conduct / house order.
  20. The composition part of rules of conduct respectively house order are also stated on the back side of the gaming slip.