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Reel and Video reel gaming machines

What does REEL gaming machine mean? The games on these machines use three or more spinning reels with different symbols. The point of the game is to gain the combination of symbols on one respectively multiple lines.

Lines respectively winning combinations on the lines are visible on the screen if you press the SEE PAYS/HELP key, or they are already visible on the screen. In case of winning the defined combination of symbols, some games offer one or multiple stage, bonus, free of charge game.

The VIDEO REEL gaming machines have touch screen displays instead of mechanic reels. The number of lines and bets on the individual line can be set with special keys that are placed in two rows under the touch screen display.

How to play?

Insert the gaming EZ pay ticket/bank note. Because the gaming machines have multiple pay lines, you set them with the LINES key. With the help of BET ONE CREDIT or BET PER LINE keys, you set the amount of bet. Press the SPIN REELS key to start the game. With BET MAX key you place the highest possible bet (on all lines) and start the game. The gaming machine will pay out the prize for the winning combination on the pay line when the REELS stops. On some VIDEO REEL gaming machines the player can by himself choose when the reels should stop.

Multi game gaming machines

This kind of gaming machines offer multiple sorts of games. All games are shown on the desktop of the screen and you can choose them with touching the game icon. If you wish to change the game use the MORE GAMES key that will return you into the main menu.

On Multi Game gaming machines you can play different types of games, from poker (look at the chapter poker gaming machines), video reel games (look at the chapter reel and video reel gaming machines) to blackjack and keno games.

How to play the BLACKJACK?

Blackjack is the highest possible card combination (ACE and one of the cards of rank 10). The collective value is 21.

Insert the gaming EZ pay ticket/bank note. The gaming machine deals two cards to the player (revealed). In case of two same cards the player can decide and split the cards ( SPLIT) in two parts. This means that he is now playing two bet positions and has to place another same bet, as on the beginning. If the amount of first two cards is 10 respectively 11 the machine offers the DOUBLE DOWN possibility. In that case the dealer gives him another card (more cards are not possible). Each winning combination of cards means doubling of the bet (you bet 100 and you win 200).